Eve Business



Once successfully registered, you'll have instant data in your dashboard. Choose either Character or Corporation from the Eve Online API keys webpage. Do not use API keys for 'All'. Create a separate account with different email address to use multiple accounts. Select ALL for 'Account and Market' on the Eve Online API Key webpage. Visit our Privacy Policy for more information. Welcome to Eve Business!

Major Analytics

Rather than using your calculator, Eve Business will automatically fetch your transactions history, and show you everything you need to know about where your ISK is going. Your dashboard will be completly filled out once you register. Hundreds of users are already using Eve Business to organize their profits, start today and finally be able to view everything you wanted.

Free Management

No other application will feel more productive, other than Eve Business. We are a reliable, stable, and Free service for all Eve Online users. Register now to get instant access to your dashboard.

Real Time Analytics

Analytics never looked this good! Have the ability to pin-point what items are profitable based on manufacturing and market price.

We use Eve Online's xml API to get everything connected in a format you can actually read. You'll have graphs and true profits as soon as you register, no wait times, and free.

See what station sells the most, and how much profit you are actually getting on that item. You'll love our graphs, and hopefully the numbers are profit on your side!

View all your transactions in different time frames to see everything about your Eve Online financial history. Managing your profits is no longer a task!

Transactions Based On Time